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I love Rattatats!  After making a rat mix myself once, I decided that I didn't really want to spend the time doing that anymore. I'm really happy with Rattatats--my rats eat all of the ingredients in it, it's easy to get, and a gallon of food lasts about 4 months for my two rats!

-Janine in CA

Welcome to RatNutrition.com, the easiest, most affordable way to truly extend the life of your smallest best friends, including mice!

Here we will offer you advice on rat nutrition and a deluxe homemade food mix that we call Rattatats.

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Rats and mice are too often not fed the diet they need. Most pet owners simply see "rat and mouse food" on a package and snatch it up from a pet store, oblivious to the harm that they are inflicting on their small pets.

Of course, we do not blame the owners! How could most people know that food manufacturers are the ones that frequently add fillers to packaged food that either a) our rats refuse to eat or b) are so bad for our rats that awful side effects often occur. For example, the dried corn in most packaged diets is not only difficult for ratties to digest, it can cause cancer in rats. For a great article on this very thing, click here.

Purchasing such diets also puts a strain on the wallet, since rats only eat half of what's purchased and owners have to buy food twice as often as needed.

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"My rats like everything in this mix, and it is great to know they are eating something that is good for their well being, keep up the great work!"

-Lauren in MA