Closed…for now

To our loyal customers,

From 2006 to 2015, provided quality, handmade rat food to rat lovers all over the US.  In 2016, I’ve decided to temporarily close this business in favor of other pursuits.

In my recent personal life, my husband and I have two children and I last owned rats in 2013.  I’m hoping to get rats for my son at a future birthday – here’s hoping when he turns five this year he’ll be ready for a pair!

I’m currently quite busy with my town’s mothers’ club while working at home doing web design and SEO.  Of course, these kids, our home and our families keep me very busy as well.

In the future, I may make a version of Rattatats again, using more current dietary guidelines, or perhaps rat treats.  There’s always the possibility of delving out of the diet world and venturing into other rat-related goodies, such as hammocks or toys.  I do love to be crafty and am handy with a sewing machine, so anything is possible!

If you’d like to be informed when, if ever, we bring back our business in whatever form that may be, sign up for our mailing list.  I promise you’ll never get an email unless we’re coming back!

Thank you for your loyalty.  If you have any questions, feel free to email


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